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Praying Man Digital Prints, Biblical Verse Posters

Various Sizes and Verses
Hello there, Are looking for a great gift to show your appreciation to a special person for their commitment to prayer? A framed copy of this print would be an inspiration and blessing to them. Or if you're needing a larger version to frame for yourself, a prayer room or a prayer gathering this digital can be enlarged.

Prayer Books by B. J. Willhite

Kindle Edition and Paperback

In Memory of B.J. Willhite
July 14, 1928 - November 4, 2022

Looking for books by B.J. Willhite? See all books authored by B.J. Willhite, including Why Pray: Lessons Learned in the School of Prayer, and Looking for a Better Way to Pray?, and more on Amazon.

Prayer Books by Kathy Casto

Kindle Edition and Paperback (several languages)
  • How To Pray for Your Loves Ones Revised Edition
    • This book will inspire the reader to pray specific scriptures to see specific answers to their prayers. The author shares personal testimonies of answered prayers that will inspire the reader to effectively pray for themselves, spouse, children, pastor and church leaders.
  • There is a Word for Every Storm: How to Overcome the Storms of Life with One Word from God
    • Are you facing life’s storms? Are you in a crisis and searching for a way out? Can you survive the bashing and find hope for a better tomorrow? This book is the sequel to How to Pray for Your Loved Ones. It will help you find the strength within to stand strong through the storm.

The Basics of Hospice Chaplain Ministry
by Chaplain John Casto

Kindle Edition and Paperback
Do you feel called to be a hospice chaplain but don’t know where to start? Are you a chaplain or pastor in need of guidance or encouragement in this ministry? What is a hospice chaplain? How do you know you are called to be one? With an increasing number of people dying in hospices all over the world, the role of hospice chaplains in providing holistic care is invaluable. Hence, there is a need for comprehensive, practical information to help hospice chaplains minister to patients and their families with respect, dignity, and compassion.